Dade City, FL

City Administration

38020 Meridian Ave
Dade City, FL 33525
Office hours: M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm
(352) 523-5050


The City Manager is authorized by the City Charter to act as the chief administrative officer of the City. In this capacity, the City Manager is responsible for supervising all departments and divisions of the City, with the exception of the City Clerk, Finance Officer and the City Attorney, who report directly to the City Commission. Additional responsibilities include: preparing and submitting the annual budget, overseeing the City's personnel system (encompassing Human Resources, Risk Management, and Employee Benefits), and acting as the Purchasing Agent for the City. 


  • Preparation and Submittal of City Budget
  • Financial Management (duties shared with City Finance Officer)
  • Community and Economic Development
    • Planning and Zoning Administration
  • Personnel Administration
    • Labor Relations
    • Wage & Benefits Review
    • Risk Management
    • Employee Recruitment & Retention
    • Training
  • Purchasing and Contract Administration
    • Bid Preparation & Advertisement
    • Requisition/Purchase Order Review & Processing
    • Transfer Authorization
  • Overall administration of city services
  • Staff and clerical support to City Commission